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Since the market crash in 2008, home loans are extremely difficult to get.  In order to get a loan you usually have to put 20% down,  as well as have good credit,  which one mistake can destroy your good credit for 7 years!  At A & C Investments we  don't believe in rent, and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own their home,  regardless of past financial problems.   With our homes,  your monthly payment goes towards insterest, principle, taxes and insurance,  exactly like a bank (depending on the laws of the state)!  If you stay in the home you will eventually pay it off and the home will be yours,  if you move out everything that you put towards the principle of the home we give back to you.  We just ask that you love and care for the home as much as we do,  and turn it back to us the same way we gave it to you!   


Bad credit is not a problem, we look for good people that can afford and care for their home.  We don't require a high down payment,  so you can get into a beautiful house without breaking the bank!!!


We have two ways to get into a home.  From our Rental Propteries we already have,  or we can help you find the perfect home for you!






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Suburban House
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